Increase COVID19 vaccine supply to Santa Clara county

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The COVID19 pandemic has devastated the lives of millions of people all over the world. During this crisis, millions of professionals working in essential businesses have put their lives at risk by opting to work in the front line. This includes a large number of technology and healthcare companies headquartered in Santa Clara County.  These professionals from diverse fields have come together to rescue the world during this pandemic by providing various tools to keep the world economy, education, healthcare systems advancing. In order to  keep the heroic contributions from these Santa Clara County professionals going, getting vaccinated against COVID19 in a timely manner is of extreme significance.


In order to distribute the vaccines in a timely manner, Santa Clara County has worked tirelessly to bring up the healthcare infrastructure and be able to administer vaccines to 200,000 people every week. Vaccine distribution at this rate could be essential to meet the immunization goals at the national level. However, the California government is only supplying 50,000 vaccines to Santa Clara county per week. This is significantly lower in comparison to what is being supplied to counties in Southern California and cannot meet the immunization needs of the heroic professionals in Santa Clara County who put their lives on the front-line every day. 


In order to meet the needs of our community, we urge the California government to increase the supply of COVID19 vaccine to Santa Clara County to 200,000 per week.