End Guard Targeting Of Peaceful Incarcerated Black Whistleblower Talib Williams

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Peaceful Black incarcerated artist/author/journalist Talib Williams is facing harsh retaliation from Soledad Prison officials after publishing written works about the officials themselves. Talib wrote a story in the spring of 2020 that outed Soledad officials for not wearing masks at work. Then this summer, Talib was the sole whistleblower for the July 20th raid on peaceful Black incarcerated men.

After news of the raid went viral, retaliation from officials began almost immediately. Most recently, Talib was found guilty of fabricated charges relating to images dating back to 2018 that were used on social media. Due to being found guilty (after requests to submit evidence were denied) Talib's family visits were taken for FIVE YEARS. 

Prison officials are actively trying to take away the only thing that gets him through prison..his family. Not only that, but they are attempting to take away Talib's only chance to have a child of his own.

Please sign this petition to let Soledad officials know that this kind of treatment will not be tolerated, to demand reinstatement of Talib's family visits, and drop these bogus charges.

Please keep the heat on these pigs until Talib is home with his wife and daughter.

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