Ban Plastic straws from restaurants and eateries in California

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As most of us know, plastic waste and pollution has been slowly killing off species all around the word for decades. The state of this planet we call home keeps getting worse and worse as time goes on. We only have about 11 years until this climate crisis is irreversible if we keep things going the way we have them going at the moment.

A big offender of this waste causing this crisis is plastic straws. While all plastic is an issue, plastic straws seem to always be used whether you are drinking Starbucks out of another plastic cup or if you’re drinking from a reusable cup at a restaurant. These straws then go to landfills or to the ocean to rot for 200 years until they decompose. With the way the worlds headed, our species may not even be here 200 years in the future. To add onto that, plastic straws are a micro plastic that ocean animals mistake as food. These poor animals choke on our plastic waste and sadly die.

The first time I saw a company use paper straws was the Disney Company. As of 2019 they have replaced most (if not all) of their plastic straws with paper throughout all Five of their Theme park resorts. As a Disneyland annual pass-holder who also fréquents Starbucks I was quick to notice and invite the change. Since then I have educated myself on climate change and ecological crisis and begun to wish changes like this on a grander scale.

Paper straws are overall better for the environment with its fast decomposing rate. While plastic takes 200 years, paper takes 2-6 weeks. This switch, especially in a touristy state like California, could be a good first step in eliminating our plastic waste and carbon footprint. Plastic straws only creates 3% of trash found on beaches so we would obviously need to do more but it’s a good start. California has already passed a bill in 2018 that made it so waiters and waitresses must be asked for plastic straws before they provide them but more should be done. Help us save the only place we can truly call home.



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