Allow Sports Programs to Resume in California

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We are calling upon our state leaders to allow for youth/adult competitive and recreational sports leagues, programs, and tournaments to resume immediately.  Sports programs are a vital part of our community and therefore essential.  Sports facilities have the ability to follow all health and safety guidelines required by the state and CDC. 

With the opening of gyms, restaurants, salons, etc, we strongly urge our elected officials to be consistent in their phased reopening plan.  Sports facilities, recreational leagues, and tournament entities are fully prepared to reopen in accordance with the same safety guidelines and requirements.  Millions of youth and adult sports players and parents are anxious to resume play in California!  

Sports facilities, non-profit programs, tournament entities, coaches, staff, players and parents are standing in unison to support the immediate reopening of sports programs.  We hope our message is heard and supported by our local officials and state leadership.  We, the recreational sports community, demand action be taken immediately.  

If you value this message and wish to see sports leagues resume, please share with your friends and associates.  #BRINGSPORTSBACK #LETUSPLAY