Allow Pest Control Companies to Perform Coronavirus Disinfection in California

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Pest Control operators in California have been using a disinfectant known as DSV by Nisus when disinfecting and cleaning areas where biohazardous waste is present. Typically, this product is used when a pest professional is sanitizing an area where a rodent carcass once was.

On March 13, 2020, the EPA listed DSV in their List N, determining that DSV is effective against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

Thousands of licensed Pest Control operators throughout California could be mobilized to perform large-scale disinfections in critical areas to protect the most vulnerable and help prevent the spread of COVID19.

The Problem:
The Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB) refuses to allow licensed pest control applicators temporary permission to perform disinfecting for the sake of disinfecting, not as a service related to vermin cleanup. The SPCB has made it clear that if any licensed pest control applicator performs disinfecting services, even as a free public service, without being tied specifically to vermin cleanup, the applicator and the company they work for risk being fined or losing their license to operate as a pest control business altogether.

California has a force of thousands of trained, licensed, and experienced professionals that are equipped and ready to use proven, approved, and registered products to help fight the spread of COVID19, but the Structural Pest Control Board stands in the way.

These are extraordinary times that require extraordinary measures to help reduce and minimize the effect of this health and economic crisis. We have a major fire, and a force of trained and skilled firefighters who are benched during our generations greatest world crisis by the bureaucracy of one agency. We have seen already in Seattle how bureaucracy failed to serve the public and prevent the spread. Let's not make that mistake in California.

Sign to allow licensed pest control applicators to perform large-scale disinfections to help prevent the spread of COVID19.


(DSV is registered under EPA number 10324-80 under the product name MAQUAT 5.5-M and marketed as DSV by Nisus.)

The full EPA List N can be found here: