Change the size of toasters to fit a full slice of Warburtons bread

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We have been discussing at length the problem with many people about the lack of toasters that do not allow a full slice of bread (namely Warburtons) to fit into a standard toaster.  Many people have complained about having to turn their toast over during the toasting process, or simply having a piece of toast with an inch of bread on top.

Following the out cry from the general public we have decided to start this petition in the hope that the people of the UK realise this serious problem and take action to ensure no further toaster can be sold in UK stores that do not have storage facilities to hold a full slice of Warburtons bread within each compartment. 

If this is something you also feel strongly about then please sign the petition and get this serious topic to be discussed at parliament, we just need a 100,000 signatures to achieve our goal.