Commit to Clearing Up Ghazipur Landfill #CleanTheMess

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Every Indian dreams of a house with a view of the mountains. But the view we have every single day is nothing less than a nightmare. We live in a skyscraper overlooking the Mount Everest of garbage dumps: Ghazipur, a massive landfill where all of Delhi’s garbage gets dumped. One news article we read says the landfill is spread as wide as 29 football fields and is nearly as high as the Qutab Minar.

While the Qutab Minar is a breathtaking monument, the towers of trash at Ghazipur are making residents in surrounding areas like us gag and hold our breath.

The stench of rotting waste is releasing poisonous gases making everyone sick. We can’t even open our windows without vomiting. The toxic air has ruined our air purifiers and caused pipe leakages. Think of what it is doing to our bodies. It’s been 17 years since Ghazipur ran out of space and should have been shut down but the trucks continue to dump waste there. Two years ago, a part of this landfill collapsed, killing 2 people. And still no action.

How can a mountain of garbage of such great proportions be invisible to our civic authorities. Save us from this ticking time bomb.

We have started this petition because we are sick of falling sick. We are sick of the inaction by authorities. We had given up all hope until we read about an IAS officer in Indore who was covered by the media for clearing up a similar but much smaller landfill under his jurisdiction in 6 months!

It gave us an idea of starting this campaign. We’re asking municipal authorities  to bring in IAS officer Asheesh Singh to hold technical consulting workshops for Municipal Corporation workers in Delhi to initiate the process of transforming Ghazipur landfill into a clean, green patch of land.

Help us green this landfill which is not only a health hazard for us citizens, but a blot on the global image of our national capital Delhi and on our collective vision of Swachh Bharat.

#CleanTheMess #SheVotes2019


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