Decision Maker Response

Atishi’s response

May 8, 2019 — Dear Supporters,

Thank you for starting this petition me on and taking this opportunity to participate actively in democracy. I want to thank you for helping me build my East Delhi Manifesto, and participating in my #EastDelhiDialogues.

Great things happen when active citizens and committed doers connect. Otherwise, the changes Delhi needs become frustratingly slow.

I have made a note of your petition asking for clearing up of Ghazipur landfill. You have rightly noted in your petition that a mountain of garbage of such great proportions as Ghazipur can’t be invisible to our civic authorities.The landfill is not just an eyesore but a dangerous health hazard.

The Ghazipur garbage dump is no longer being used to collect Delhi’s waste but no measures have been taken up to clear the area either.

Ensuring cleanliness in Delhi is the responsibility of the MCD and nowhere has it failed more, than in East Delhi. Everyday, garbage accumulates on street corners, in public parks and community spaces as the EDMC refuses to collect it. The Aam Aadmi party is committed to full statehood for Delhi and In a full state, East Delhi will no longer face the problem of garbage collection.

We commit that the garbage at Ghazipur dump will be cleared within two years by productively using the garbage in activities such as road construction.

Further, a complete ban on open dhalaos will be issued, so as to reduce the health and sanitation hazard from these open garbage collection points. Our mission is to make Delhi one of the cleanest states in the world and with your support, we will achieve it.

Thank you

Warmly yours,