Give us world class commentary for the World cup

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Let me thank you on behalf of the fans for excellent visual coverage of the cricket world cup. Let me also acknowledge the earthiness of the commentary in various Indian languages and how they connect emotively.

However we pretty much have a fixed group of commentators for all India matches as well as tournaments like IPL. They do serve a functional purpose. However we have been hearing the same voices for close to 20 years.

That is not a problem. It was amazing how David Lloyd and Ian Bishop called the final stages of the T20 world cup. Yesterday if was thrilling to hear Ian Bishop take us to the closing stages of the West Indies game. Passionate but not partial. Objective but not pedestrian.

Indian cricket has been blessed with a great team. It is fun watching them. When Indian players are in the 21st century, please give us commentary befitting it. Let's have Ian Bishop or Mike Atherton or Nasser Hussain. Not the same old " Mumbai school"

Maybe 300 million people are watching every match of India. That is almost the population of the US. Don't we deserve better?