Let Gautam attend the highschool he wants

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Let Gautam overcome the unfairness of the situation being a biased opinion on where he should attend highschool. Although his older sister was given the option of attending the highschool of her choice, Gautam is pressured and forced to attend Irvington.

His life will be suddenly uprooted where his previous cushioning of friends to support him will be gone, leaving the difficult transition into highschool vastly more challenging. The TIME magazine states that students not only have to adapt to a change in their home environment, but in the social network or friends at school as well. The friends he had aquired in his life will be suddenly cut out without a say in his choice.

Let Gautam attend the highschool he deserves where all his friends will be waiting for him by persuading his parents that Mission is the right choice, academically and mentally for his happiness in staying with his welcoming friends. 


In a survey of over 14,000 students TIME found that the sudden change is known for a two-fold greater risk of mental health issues and increased chance of bullying. “Where being an outsider by having to re-intergrate into new schools may lead to feelings of exclusion and low self-esteem”  That makes the brain more sensitive to stress, and stress, with its surges of cortisol, can lead to unhealthy neural responses that can contribute to mental health problems. “Something about chronic marginalization, and chronic exclusion, is neurophysiologically damaging.”

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