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Petitioning Gausel Fritidsgård (an open, visitable farm in Norway)

Gausel Fritidsgård (an open, visitable farm in Norway): Save Tiril, the mummy Pig. Dont send her to slaughter!

This is a petition for a very special pig called Tiril. She's a mummy and recently just had 8 little baby piglets. Unfortunately the farm where she currently live can't see any use for her anymore, and wants to send her to a slaughterhouse after she's done taking care of here little piglets.

This is a petition to stand up against unjustice. We need to tell them that sending animals to slaughter like this is wrong. We need to say to them that keeping
Tiril, the mummy pig alive is meaningful and valuable. Her life is everything to her. By this she becomes a representative for all animals that suffer and by this petition we need to sho the people that we care, and that we need to stand up for what is right, fight for what we believe in and fight against what is cruelty and wrong.

Please sign the petition if you think that the farm should keep Tiril alive, because she is a beautiful creature that has done nothing wrong. Please sign to show your support to all animals in suffering and to show that you are against animal cruelty.
Please sign if you believe in animal rights.

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  • Gausel Fritidsgård (an open, visitable farm in Norway)

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