Musicathon 6​.​0

Musicathon 6​.​0

5 June 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ankit Raj

Musicathon is not just a music festival it’s a feeling an emotion and we want Gaurav to bring it back. 
He had already announced the dates (if you know, you know) but is now is in two minds. 
As the valley gets into autumn mood, we want to immerse ourselves in the fragrance of LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCES by some
 of the incredible artists he would have curated during the lockdown.
We want to Vibe over the chords of OPEN MIC sessions, 
Stretch a little with YOGA asanas,
Share our evening chai with strangers over a STORYTELLING workshop.

Gaurav we want our Musicathon back.

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Signatures: 49Next Goal: 50
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