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East Gaston High School Demands a Change!!!!

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We the parents, students, and alumni of East Gaston High School have watched unbearably the athletics continue to spiral into an abyss.  We’ve also been witness to unacceptable negligence due to misuse of players and not teaching fundamentals which includes how to protect yourself on the football field. We are in pursuit of change immediately. The athletic faculty and leadership has not shown that they care in the least and are on the defensive when asked about how we can improve the athletic program. The coaches and staff do not take the players, parents, or families serious.

East Gaston Football is currently ranked 318 out of 423 in the state and 11,036 in the nation.  Out of the 105 teams that we outrank, only 80 of them have played 7 games, their standing could always change.  In the past 6 years their record stands at 24-42-0. There was one season where East Gaston achieved at least a 0.500 record and this was due to new talent that transferred from D1 schools; the wins were not due to coaching.  Since then our record is continuously declining.  Besides the wins and losses, player safety is a major issue.  Many freshmen and sophomores have been moved up to varsity and have suffered injuries because they have not had the opportunity to develop as varsity players.  Coaches are placing freshman and sophomores on the Varsity team to keep our numbers up and have a Varsity team.  Meanwhile, these players could have played at their level and developed as a team with their fellow classman and become the new Varsity when the time came.

It’s also widely known that Mount Holly has an excellent talent pool.  These children do exceptional in recreational sports and continue to improve through middle school.  However, the coaches at East Gaston are not actively involved with learning the middle school players.  They don’t utilize players in their proper position which makes the entire athletic team decline.  They don’t keep track of the numbers and positions for each player and their stats; points,tackles, interceptions, sacks, and guards, centers, running backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks, and kickers to say the least.  What’s even worse is the staff doesn’t have to come to every game, it’s printed in the Gaston Gazette on a weekly basis.  There is no excuse not to know who is coming to your school.

What’s more frustrating for parents is they spend time with their children to help make them a better student athlete and team player.  Many students have potential to take their sports to the next level but the lack of knowledge for the sports at East Gaston leaves the bleachers bare and spirits down.  Recruiters are not in sight and many kids lose an opportunity to be seen.  A team that will at least put up a fight will sell tickets.  The attendance is poor at the sporting events because the community is losing interest.  Some still come to support but it’s disheartening and disappointing to watch.  We need to bring our city back in and get involved.  The entire school suffers when the sports suffer.  The funds that we are losing out on could have bought a new volleyball net, tennis net, fertilized the grass and kept light bulbs on in all our score boards or painted all our activity buses to say the least.

We understand that we are talking about extracurricular activities but it still should be taken more seriously just as the other activities and curriculum at the school.  For some students, it’s NOT just a game.  For some students, that is their way to pay for college.  For some it is their way to avoid gangs and peer pressure.  For some it’s an opportunity to learn, grow and create social skills and learn how to be a team player.  For some it’s an opportunity to have someone believe in you.  Students look forward to their games every week.  They need an opportunity for someone to take them seriously and give them a fighting chance.  High School football can create traditions, boost morale, and ignite school spirit.  Friday night football gives the entire community something to look forward to.  We must do something about the coaching staff, athletic directors and faculty involved in the decision-making process. 



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