GASAM: Proposed Constitutional Amendments

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A constitution is the supreme law that governs the structure and behaviour of a nation-state or organization. As such, it must be written in the best way possible to ensure that it satisfies our needs and reflects our collective interests.

Over the years, since the inception of GASAM, the environment which gave rise to redaction of the current Constitution has evolved in many ways. Social, demographic, technological and economic changes in the environment thus need to be reflected in a Constitution that no longer meets our needs. It is in this light that the current GASAM Constitution, written in 2006, has undergone intense scrutiny by a committee of legal, economic and scientific trainees to identify those areas that need to be modified and updated.

This diligence has culminated in a number of constitutional amendments that are recommended in an effort to modernise our Constitution, enabling GASAM to reach its full potential.

In order for these amendments to be passed on to the Executive Committee that will initiate the voting process, a petition containing the signatures of 1/3 of the members of the General Assembly is required for the initiative to be legally accepted. 

Support the initiative! for progress and unlimited possibilities!

Please click on this link to view the proposed amendments

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