Open Letter to Governor Murphy - Help protect Gas Station workers who are at COVID-19 risk

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Dear Governor Murphy:

As employees in an essential operation, we plead with you for relief. 

Gas station attendants like me are on the frontline the same way supermarkets and others in retail are, and yet we are not afforded the same protection.  There is ready technology that the other 49 states employ, and we are surprised you have not ordered the same for New Jersey during this pandemic.  Of course, we are talking about self-serve pumps.

The merits of public safety concerns should convince you to temporarily address the dangers of the full-service gas distribution during the Covid19 pandemic.  We are unable to distance ourselves from motorists, which puts the people we are serving and us at risk.

I'm an attendant in Dover.  I've expressed the fear we all face in a recent ROI-NJ story:

 “I’ve got to start thinking about what’s important: Taking care of my family,” I said. “With my job, I have to be face-to-face with customers, but I try to stand apart.”

It doesn’t always help. I said customers don’t take distancing as seriously as he does.

“They make jokes about it all,” I said. “And, when I step back away from them, they give me the look of ‘What, you think something’s wrong with me?’”

Because of the pandemic, many of my co-workers have quit their jobs at the stations, putting more pressure on those of us who continue to work.  The owners of more than 2,000 stations have committed to keeping us employed through this crisis if we can move to self-serve.

Please, Governor, join with the other 49 governors in the United States and bring self-serve gas to New Jersey for this crisis. 

Our lives depend on you. 

Thank you for your consideration.