Gas billing (scam) and black money

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Hello my friends,
  Our gas billing scam from the agencies and the providers and the delivery employees these days a annoying for all mostly. As our prime minister #narendramodi says for taking out the black money in India but every day it is getting bigger and bigger from under his nose.

  • All agencies are adding additional Rs.20 to Rs.35 for the delivery charges.
  • We are not getting the bill for the additional amount they are charging which is changing to their non taxed income (black money).
  • Even if  we do pre-booking with full amount online payment on the booking date, there will be additional price when increase price from the provider (company).
  • We haven't seen the decreased price for consumers during the decrease in price.
  • We have to pay three different billing for the single product purchase which is Booking Price + Increase price + Delivery unaccounted charges from the delivery boy, other wise he wont deliver next time.

Today days we don't get the cash from ATM more than three times a month from Banks like SBI. If we calculate in minimum there is a lakhs and lakhs of black money generating a day from a single and most used service of every average house of Indian consumers.
Please make the change for the single billing for the service and always provide us with the full payment bill to us the consumers.