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Stop Gary Wilkes Abuse of Dogs!

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Gary Wilkes helped Karen Pryor create clicker training BUT she dumped him when he decided to start beating dogs. Please help stop this monster! He has a Facebook page  and website promoting abuse. He is also dead against Spay/Neuter and says it does not affect population growth. He actually calls it "mutilation which can lead to death"

Below are a couple samples of his training technique.

Here is an example of his hatred for shelters and spay and neuter programs...

Gary Wilkes
May 9 ·  
To show you how stupid our culture behaves, my comment criticizing the shelter system caused Facebook to add this

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They think that my comment means I would actually donate to some 501c3 and encourage others to do so, merely because I mentioned animal shelter adoptions. OK. I want you all to donate to 'cut off funds for those who require early spay neuter'. This will include paid protesters to scare people away from those shelters. Arson costs extra.

Gary Wilkes Seminar 

Gary Wilkes is coming to Vermont!! There are a few spots left for his August 5 & 6 Broadband Seminar, in Colchester, VT.

$300 -- There are a few working spots left!! (you can get your dog smacked for a measly 300 bucks) Craziness!!
$150 for auditors

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