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Stop the spread of Wild Fires

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Stop the spread of Wild Fires.  We need to change the policies that have created poorly managed forests ripe for fire.  End the "Equal Access for Justice Act", End 501(c) non profit status for organizations responsible for eco terrorism, require nonrefundable cash bonds in the same amount of money as a timber sale would generate in order for an individual or organization to stop a timber sale that has already had an environmental assessment.  Revise the "let it burn" policies and require instate resources to be used on fires first before calling on out of state resources and make all equipment used on fires meet established federal regulations for safety including aircraft.  If we can institute these changes we will be well on our way to healthier forests, better air quality and clearer skies.  Nobody likes being evacuated from their homes or potentially losing their home to a wild fire so if we institute the common sense that government has been lacking we can take back our forests and create a healthier environment and a well diversified and protected fishery for generations to come.  I ask all people concerned with the growing amount of wild fires and the negative effects that it has on us, our health, our environment, our pocketbooks and most importantly our children and grand children to sign to make a difference.    

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