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Ban semi-automatic weapons

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Due to the almost daily occurrences of school and workplace violence we need to try to make the attacks less lethal.  One way to do this is to ban semi-automatic weapons. 

There is no reason the average person needs these weapons. Hunters can do just fine with single shot weapons.

It would be possible for gunsmiths to change a semi-automatic weapon to a non semi-automatic weapon.  Conversion of existing weapons, and trade-ins could be completed in a set amount of time. If a person felt they truly needed one, or they were gun collectors they could be licensed like fully automatic weapon owners are today.

Semi automatic weapons would still be available for police officers, and this ban would not impact the military. 

If an assailant had do do more work between shots, that would give people more time to escape, more time for the police or security to arrive, and a chance to disable the attacker between shots.

We already banned machine guns, and there were no 2nd amendment issues. a semi automatic would not  violate the constitution.

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