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Abolish Mail Call and Report Fairly on Hagerstown

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For far too long the Herald Mail Newspaper has been giving Hagerstown Maryland a bad name by publishing the most thoughtless ramblings of the worst of our citizens. It seems to almost be a joke at what "Mail Call" selections are chosen for publishing and seriously hurts the credibility of the Herald Mail paper by seeming more interested in the profits of making fun of our town, then reporting actual news. The "Mail Call" section would be an embarrassment for the founders of the Herald-Mail and should be an embarrassment to the Schurz Communications Company. Not only is sharing the racist, sexist, hate filled calls socially irresponsible, it also promotes discord and arguing amongst residents.

Respectable newspapers would never publish something like this. Real papers have Letters to the Editor for the public's voice to be heard, which requires actual thought to be published.  "Mail Call" is so much a joke it actually has a very popular video blog which makes fun of "Mail Call" and has been for over two years. Most recently Steve Shives of the blog "Riffing on Mail Call", makes the statement businesses read the "Mail Call" articles and decide against opening here.

 "Mail Call" continues to give our town a stigma of being full of illiterate bigots and violent crime when the exact opposite is true. This is a charming town, full of history, with relatively low violent crimes per capita. Hagerstown is full of intelligent, diverse, thoughtful people who are trying to better our town despite the Herald Mail's best efforts.


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