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Petitioning Planning & Zoning Administrator, Town of Stratford Gary Lorentson

Gary Lorentson, Town of Stratford Planning & Zoning: Deny special case application for Hard's Corner Tavern


Hard's Corner Tavern is in the middle of a densely populated neighborhood and at the entrance to the Historic District. Allowing the Tavern to have outdoor tables where they can serve food and alcohol until 2 AM will bring excessive noise and problems to the neighborhood.

Please sign this petition and attend the P&Z meeting on Tuesday March 19th at the Stratford Town Hall. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please be sure to sign and forward to a neighbor and ask for their support to stop this special case application.

Letter to
Planning & Zoning Administrator, Town of Stratford Gary Lorentson
We strongly oppose the special case application for outdoor tables for serving food and liquor at Hard's Corner Tavern located at 1884 Main St. This application will allow food and alcohol service outdoors until 2 am in a densely populated neighborhood, bringing undo noise and problems.

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