Politician & 911 operater calls SO's "the lowest form of human on earth", slams shelter.

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UPDATE: (And PLEASE sign petition)

Update: an email has been sent to Paul Bump director of the 911 call center. Garys continued work at the 911 center does put him in the position jury, judge, and executioner of the people he so openly hates. 

Yesterday: Today after Gary Keith a WV councilmen called sex offenders in his town monster and creeps, local citizens jumped on the bandwagon with one suggesting on Facebook to END THE LIVES OF SEX OFFENDERS. 

Respond to this hate on his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GK4Clarksburg/

The councilmen has remained silent on that comment but continued to use his position of authority to attack registered sex offender publicly calling them "the lowest form of human on earth". This has created an even stronger push for him to resign. At the time of this writing he continues to ask for all donations to the homeless shelter to stop. This petition calls for his resignation. You can see the original petition below:

This all started when Gary Keith a Clarksburg (WV) City Councilmen made the  Clarksburg Mission his target. The Clarksburg Mission provides shelter, clothing, food and other basic necessities to those in need. 

Gary Keith's THIRTY MINUTE facebook video rant demands supporters  to stop donating money to the organization unless they Mission kicks out the sex offenders that are currently allowed to stay there. Ten minutes into the video he says he wants the mission shut down. Way to go Gary, let's make them all homeless again and without a job. EVERY study shows lack of stability (home, work, support) INCREASES recidivism.

 So Mr. Keith, are you trying to create more victims? 

Now what about all the other people at the shelter? You've asked for all funding to stop. Who else are you hurting?  You state repeatedly that there are sex offender "Kings" that work there. Sir, most transitional housing / sober houses end up employing the ones they help. Kind of the point.

The clincher here is Mr. Gary Keith threatens to "out any supporter via an enemy list". I guess I'm an enemy because I just donated $50. I call on all who read this to 1 watch the video here, and two go donate here.