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Education over Vacation~ 1 Week Spring Break for Kamloops

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Lets face it, we all love holidays and time off however at whose expense?

This entire issue should be based on EDUCATION not VACATION! Who cares what every other School District does? This is about OUR School District and what is best for OUR Children! Now lets get to the bottom line and call a SPADE a SPADE shall we.....


1-The Number one supporter and benefactor of a 2 week spring break are the TEACHERS, yes those people we pay  to Educate our children would rather have another PAID week off than provide the education that they are being paid to deliver. Our kids are losing 5 days of schooling for the addition of a few minutes a day. Never mind the refresh time it takes after being absent for half of a month.

2-Most parents will have too take time off to accommodate this extra week of the teachers paid vacation.  So in essence this is a forced use of vacation time so once again.....drum roll....Our teachers can get another PAID week off. The parents that do not have the option of time off now have a larger child care expense.

3-Our valued support workers DO NOT get paid during the additional time off so they too are FORCED to use holiday pay as well for this week.

4-Our schools sit empty for that extra week which in turn wastes taxpayers money.


Lets go back to the good 'ol Win-Lose columns ~ The only people I see in the Win column are the teachers and the Lose column is stacked with everyone else that is directly effected by this additional week off.

The bottom line is that this DOES take away from the education of our Children. They have more than enough time off with Pro D days, Stat holidays, summer holiday and Christmas break. These kids are our future and it is our responsibility to prepare and educate them for that not take away more learning time.

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