Stop S.B. 130 Cannabidiol (CBD) Product Act in Utah

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Utah’s Cannabidiol Act also known as SB130, is a BIG PHARMA power grab and NOTHING more. It has been passed by the State house and Senate with little opposition and is headed to the Governor’s office for signature. SB130 defines a Cannabidiol product as a chemical compound extracted from hemp. For years however, labs around the world have safely extracted CBD from those legal sources excepted in the federal criminal code. SB130 however makes illegal, even that which is defined as legal under federal law. This law would give power over even those compounds which contain less than 0.3 % THC, which is frankly absurd and intellectually naive. The law would also prohibit CBD from being packaged in a medical dosage form. The law defines medical dosage form as:

(a) a tablet;
(b) a capsule;
(c) a concentrated oil;
(d) a liquid suspension;
(e) a transdermal preparation; and
(f) a sublingual preparation.
(2) A patient may not purchase, use, or possess a cannabidiol product unless the cannabidiol product is prepared in a medicinal dosage form.

Even lotions/transdermal preparations, like the brands that are currently sold in Harmons and Walmart would be prohibited from being sold within the State of Utah, brands that have been on the market for years. This law is broad, overreaching, restricting and makes illegal that which is legal under federal law.

Finally, the law takes CBD and places it squarely in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry, requires that a doctor’s prescription be needed, but then does not require any insurance company to cover the prescribed medication. The costs will rise exponentially for CBD and the public will be left with the only alternative… Opiates and other pain medications from the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks Utah… Call Governor Herbert’s office today and say no to SB130.