Separation of Church and State in Utah

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Recently Utah has added proposition 2 a Medical Marijuana initiative to the November 2018 Ballot. If passed this initiative would have a positive impact on our beautiful state. Tax and regulation on medical marijuana will create funding. For many different aspects, schools, construction, landscape, state park maintenance, homeless shelters, in addition to creating a lot more jobs. Medical marijuana has been proven to help many aspects of medical complications and issues as well. Including, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s, anxiety,autism, cancer, depression, epilepsy, heart disease, chronic migraines, chronic pain,  PTSD, and stroke. Those are only the major ailments. There are over 700 documented ailments that can be helped or cured using medical marijuana. The LDS church has recently filed a lawsuit claiming this initiative if passed violates their religious freedoms. I feel this is incorrect. This lawsuit is a violation of our First Amendment rights. Which should prevent Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion. I’m making this petition to show that there are way more people of this state that want to see this initiative pass. There are more members of the community that need the medical help this initiative brings. That the people of this state outnumber the LDS. And that this ballot should go to vote.