Abuse W/O punishment at Central Davis Jr. High. Teen boys (abuser) VS Teen girls (victims)

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     I Amber Sees, Mother of one of the female students of Central Davis Jr. High was pleased with the school until this year. they let go of the good teachers, and play favorites to the rich kids! My daughter and her friends were being bullied so bad I had to get the police, school board and kutv news, and this petition hoping I get heard, cause I and other parents are the voice for are intimidated daughter's that are the victims involved . Male Students were claiming and bragging about raping girls as well as group rape at Central Davis Jr. High school, I took the proof to the school and was ignored, they allowed them back to get their education or should I say their "abuse quota" increased, while girls that were and are being socially, mentally, and possibly sexually abused are being neglected of their education cause the school didn't take the right measures to assure the girls safety. I do have to say the Asst. Principle Marc Farris of CDJH was unaware of it until I went to the school and made myself be heard,  finding out the counselors failed to involve the right people and just washed their hands of it, as he was the ONLY ONE who took matters into his own hands and called Layton City Police immediately. But now things got worse,  the "male students" are trying to see if they can do a repeat of the movie "13 reasons why" to see how many girls will "attempt or achieve" suicide. I know of at least ten girls that have attempted and my Daughter witnessed her friend drink bleach over social media, and girls cutting them selves cause that's was their only way of releasing their shame of being humiliated and abused by these 7th and 8th grade boys. I refuse to ever let my children go here again! I will never recommend this school and if parents do put their kids here especially female, they might want to be prepared to find their daughter being abused or witnessing her friends abuse!  These girls try to deal with the abuse at school cause it's their education, that when they leave, They're so ashamed and their self esteem is gone. They are intimidated by these students so bad they fear to speak out because the school IS NOT very respectful on student confidentiality so the students choose to be quiet instead of reaching out for help when thinking about trying or achieving suicide. I pulled my daughter from this school completely as she started hurting herself in shame, she started pulling away from school and came to me for help cause she became afraid of herself and more so the male students. Parents are finding other schools for their child to attend as they are fed up with their daughters being human targets of abuse.. Sad to say but the boys are all still attending this school!

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