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Ban heart-stick killing of shelter-pets in all Georgia Animal shelters - Adopt No-Kill Equation to save pets and nullify shelter-killing

The five little homeless puppies pictured here died by heart-stick at Clayton County Animal Control, GA.. 

It’s unbelievable that this brutal and inhumane way of killing cats and dogs still exists.. Heart-stick is a needle and syringe containing sodium pentobarbital ( which burns like acid ) passed through the chest wall and several layers of muscle into the heart.. 

When a irremediably suffering/ sick animal is having circulatory problems, sometimes injecting the euthanasia anesthetic directly into the heart is the only possibility to euthanize the animal..this is done only on a heavily sedated or comatose animals..In a clinic it is often needed for very sick/ suffering animals but in a shelter there is no reason for this to be done on an otherwise healthy dog/ cat.. Why a pound/ animal control would want to do a more technically difficult process, is a question I ask?

In many cases ex-shelter workers have spoken up claiming that the procedure has been done by shelter workers, most of whom make barely more than minimum wage, on fully conscious animals. They can feel everything. This is truly barbaric and cruel to kill poor homeless animals this way.. 

Please ban this way of killing innocent animals in Georgia Shelters. 

The debate does not have to be between killing animals with heart-sticks and killing them with lethal injection. Counties can end the killing of healthy and treatable pets altogether and turn their pounds into bona fide shelters, where animals’ lives are protected.  

Overpopulation of pets is an excuse which is supported by many irresponsible and uncaring shelter-directors to explain the massive euth rates at their shelter.. they do not care to network/ market the shelter-pets in their care and reach out to the loving community who would definitely assist and fund the shelter necessities.. many shelter-managers do not even have cordial relationships with volunteers or rescues.. and make things very difficult for the public to adopt the pet.. generally shelters run under the Sheriff and Police departments have very high kill-rates..

As per statistics 23 million Americans look for new companion animals every year.. and 3 million shelter-pets then do have a home.. and do not need to die for being homeless.. a way must be found to give them time to get networked and adopted by their special person/ family.. a universal connection and sharing of resources and info between all 4000+ shelters in all states for the common goal of saving the lives of innocents in the shelters.. maybe sharing  even shelter-necessities from affluent community shelters to the needy shelters..

Overpopulation of pets is a myth.. it simply does not exist..

More than 234 communities   as of today, have ended the debate over the best way to kill healthy and treatable shelter pets by SAVING THEM through implementation of  a cost-effectiveproven program for lifesaving success.

We petition Gary Black, the Agriculture Commissioner, GA to help ban heart-stick killing of innocent pets  in Georgia and  enforce the shelters into adopting No-Kill Equation, this proven method to boost adoptions and nullify shelter-killing altogether. 

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