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Cleveland NHL Expansion Petition

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My name is Kyle Canda and I have come to you to ask for your help to make Cleveland a greater place to live and love. As you know, we have a very strong sense of pride in our city and consider each other our family. We give everything we have into making this city great and one of the main focal points is our professional sports teams. Whether it is the years of futility with the Browns, the reigning in of the new world champions Cavaliers, or the resurgence of the Indians, we put a lot of money and time into following our teams and supporting them anyway that we can. This city is lacking one important piece of professional sports, hockey. The Monsters are a great AHL team and I am very pleased to have them in Cleveland but I do not believe that Cleveland has been properly rewarded for the communal love of the sport. During the Monsters season last year, we set the record for an AHL playoff game attendance with 12,935 watching the Monsters capture their first title. The original reason Cleveland was denied a team dates back to when the Barons dominated the AHL for many years and were considered the 9th best team in North America. The NHL stayed away from Cleveland during its expansion era since the Barons had such a stranglehold on the fan base, it would be tough to pry them away. This reasoning is no longer applicable since the NHL has purchased the AHL. It is time for Cleveland to be rewarded for years of support given to the hockey teams brought here. The NHL tempted us by giving us a team for 2 years but quickly pulled away to sweep the team off to Minnesota to make the North Stars. The NHL has recently expanded to 31 teams, adding the Las Vegas Golden Knights which makes the conferences uneven. This means that the NHL will either have to add a 32nd team or remove a team from the league. Bring the new team to Cleveland. With The Q transformation looming in the near future, this is our chance to finally grasp what this city needs to make the next step as a major city. You can see what the Cavaliers have done to East 4th Street on home game days. The Cavs give those businesses 41 times to thrive during the regular season before games. The NHL team would give them an additional 41 game nights and make the downtown businesses more successful than they are today. We are in the middle of a huge renovation of the city with the newly modeled Playhouse Square and revamped Public Square. Downtown Cleveland is becoming a hot spot for young people to socialize and live in newly built apartments. Cleveland has been in the national spotlights frequently for almost a year now. With the RNC, the Cavs bringing home the championship, the Indians making an improbable run to the World Series, and the announcement of the 2019 MLB All Star Game, the city is buzzing with sports adrenaline. The NHL is expanding and Cleveland should be on the top of their list. Help me get us to where we belong and bring hockey a new and energized home. In high school, almost all of my hockey games were sold out and there are a lot of people that love hockey as much as I do and want to have a professional team to root for. I know that the fan base is here but I need you help to make it happen. I have dreamed about having a Cleveland NHL team since I was 3 years old and this is my chance to make it a reality. 

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