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Ban Single-use Plastic Bags In Bunbury

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Banning Plastic Bags In Bunbury

By Megan Lush

Plastic bags may seem very useful for you when you go grocery shopping but did you know that there is over 10 million new bags being used every single day? Australians dump 7,150 recyclable plastic bags into landfills every minute. Plastic bags also weigh very little so they are more than likely float away and possibly end up in the ocean, especially when Bunbury is right on the coast. Shoppers worldwide are using approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year. Imagine if this all ended up in the ocean. Imagine all the sea life that would die or get severely hurt by these plastic bags because shoppers don’t bother bringing re-useable bags. Imagine if the death of the sea-life was from YOUR plastic bag. Reusable bags are harming our local environment but no one is doing anything about it! Stop using single-use plastic bags and keep Bunbury beautiful!

Thank you for helping our local environment.

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