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Bring Rust Legacy Back

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YOU CAN STILL PLAY LEGACY: There is a way! Follow this video tutorial and please share it so others know as well...

And Join my Bring Back Legacy Steam group!

Now I will lay it out nice and clear why legacy deserves a second chance.

 1. Groups. The groups in this game are insane. Even on smaller servers, groups can be 15-20 people big and its fucking ridiculous. Smaller groups end up getting raided within a couple days no matter what server your playing on. Zerg clans were never an issue on legacy because the server pop was always 100 which was perfect. I never once felt like the max pop should be changed and depending on where you built you were actually able to farm and get up a base without KOS.

2. Legacy was 80% pvp and like 20% farming. With new rust its the complete opposite. I literally spent a day farming to make sure I had a good base for a wipe. The next day i pvped. And the day after that the server was dead. I spent 2 whole days playing this game nonstop to get a great start and its just gonna die like that. I want it to be more pvp oriented like legacy.

3. Crafting. Excuse my language but GARRY. Why the fuck is there no crafting table. Who on this planet wants to sit in base for hours on end crafting all the items they need? Crafting times are ridiculous and way too time consuming for a game that is already time consuming enough as it is. I mean I would spend 3 minutes crafting a semi auto pistol if i was on the go but even legacy had a way to craft your shit quick. This always kept the action going and never once got me sitting in my base AFK. Which makes sense because I was always able to find someone roaming on legacy.

4. The map. I miss having a map where I could look around and know exactly where i was. Having one single map didn't feel repetitive. The fact that you could know the map, so there was an 'emergent' progression in knowing the map. This was actually kind of a big deal and lead to a lot of early success/failure. It taught you where to build your base, where to avoid.... and some strategies for getting ahead early on in a reset.​

5. PVP and Guns. Pvp was so much more skill based on legacy. There was no bullet drop and it depended on pure aiming skill, you could differentiate the great players from the bad ones easily and skill cap wasn't so small. Using a gun actually required some skill and you couldn't get sprayed down without even shooting a bullet like how it is now. Having only a few guns never once bothered me. None of the guns felt unbalanced (except for the pipe) But that was ok. The game rewarded you for being able to sneak up to a fully geared guy and one pipe him. That's what made it fun and it gave nakeds a chance to make plays.   

6. Simplicity. Legacy was simple and that is what made it so fun. It wasn't impossible to find the stuff to make c4 or to find guns. It felt somewhat balanced. I never felt like i had to farm too much or there wasn't enough action. In Rust now there are so many items I can't tell  you how much time I have wasted finding the shit I need. It was perfect Garry!

7. Optimization. The optimization in this game is complete garbage. You cant tell me that you've had multiple times where your fps drops below 20. This game tries to render in these huge zerg clan bases and it just brings us to a point where the game is unplayable after a few days. I have a beast ass computer and my game lags incredibly hard every 10 steps I take on any server even with all the settings on low. 

8. Building. A decent base required a lot less farming and wasted less of my time. I was able to slap down a 2x1 within 15 minutes of farming and then start pvping. New rust is too time consuming and its very hard to get up a decent base unless your a zerg or actually enjoy holding down your mouse on a tree or a node for an hour. Even then the community is so toxic you will just get shot by anyone who finds you. 

9. PLEASE BRING LEGACY BACK!!! I've tried new rust and coming from a long time player, the game is nowhere near as good as legacy. I had so much fun on it and every single legacy player will agree. I generally think they misunderstood what fueled the explosive growth of the game - it was 'hardcore' players that were looking for an unconventional, persistent PvP FPS game.​ Legacy's player base died because they never updated it. They kept updating this new game and made it the norm. Every new player that joined played the new version and legacy slowly died off. I payed money to play legacy and I loved it. Either give me legacy back or my money back. And Garry if you can't bring legacy back atleast give it to another company to work on, who actually wants to improve upon the old version the already perfect game.

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