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Make one of the Nando's in Reading Halal

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The latest census dated 2011, reports:

Following Christian and 'no religion', the largest religious grouping in Reading is Muslim at 7.1%. This is a 3.1% increase on 2001. The proportion identifying as Christian has declined by 12% since 2011 with no religion increasing by 7.5%.

Reading's population has increased in ethnic diversity. 25.3% of the population is now currently 'non-white', a 12.1% increase since 2001. Reading continues to have the second highest proportion of non-white ethnic groups in the South East after Slough. There has been a shift in the diversity over the 10 year period with Black African becoming marginally the largest non white group (4.9), followed closely by Pakistani (4.5%) and Indian (4.2%). Mixed, Other Asian and Black Caribbean are all represented above the national average.

In summary, the data presented is 6 years old, however the increasing trend in ethnic diversity over a quarter of the local population, suggests that the muslim population is also growling exponentially.

Currently the closest Halal Nando's is situated in Slough, which is approximately a 35 minute car journey (21 miles), however both branches are Halal.

All that I propose is that you consider changing just one of the chains in Reading to a Halal certified restaurant, if viable. The muslim population would greatly appreciate this as the current situation is very inconvenient.

I strongly believe that this will be beneficial not just for the local community but for both parties. 

Thanks for taking your time out to read this and I hope together we can bring about change for the better. 

Cheeky just got real!

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