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Bring back Surf Hair!

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I have been using Garnier Surf Hair hair product since my junior year of college. That's eight years. A very long time. In that length of time, I graduated, got a new job, moved to a new city, lived in 3 different places, met a girl, got married, and got a cat. Through all of that, I used the same hair product. Then, suddenly, without warning to its legions of fans, Garnier pulled the product off the market, and replaced it with an inferior product. The new product, Surfer Hair, has less product in the container, and smells bad, according to numerous reviews. There is 40% less product in the container.

There are posts on Facebook and their website to bring this product back. No one is satisfied with the change. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't mean much, but petitions have really created change in corporate America, such as the infamous Bank of America petition. Not only did Garnier replace a great product that was well loved by many, but they reduced the amount of product in the container and the product doesn't work as well.

Companies need to know that they can't just eliminate something people are passionate about and expect no one to notice, especially when they switch the product for a lesser value product that doesn't work.

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