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Help Hiro get an appropriate education

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Hiro is a very intelligent child. Despite his autism, anxiety, and depression, Hiro has been socially and academically successful when placed in smaller education settings. The Garnet Valley School District is attempting to block Hiro from receiving a proper education by refusing to place him in a smaller school which would be the most appropriate program for him, which breaches several Special Education Laws. As a result of Garnet Valley High School’s neglect, Hiro’s grades are suffering dramatically. 

The Special Education Law mandates school districts to provide a suitable education for children like Hiro that could address his special needs. Unfortunately, Garnet Valley is one of many districts that attempt to ignore this rule because it inconveniences them. They employed this tactic by sending Hiro to the school physiatrist in order to receive an evaluation; when I informed Garnet Valley High School that Hiro would be receiving an independent evaluation, they changed their tune and stated that it was no longer necessary. It is obvious that Garnet Valley High School is playing games; as a member of a support group for parents of children with special needs, I can affirm that others are facing similar challenges. It must end immediately.

Please sign this petition for the sake of Hiro and other children with special needs. The Garnet Valley School District cannot continue to hinder the education of young people with disabilities. By law, they are required to grant Hiro an appropriate program that will comfortably meet his educational needs. Hiro is a very bright student and if given the chance, he will be very successful. Based on Hiro’s history and a series of credible evaluations, he will thrive in a small school setting. Garnet Valley High School must stop playing games and do their due diligence.

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