Protect Teachers with medical conditions from going face-to-face!

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   I am a student at GISD (Garland Independent School District, in Texas), and I am concerned for the health of my teachers, my peers, and my peer's families as well. I created this petition considering that a teacher I know (who shall remain anonymous) was denied working from home despite having a doctors note, and as they noted, their other co-workers have also been denied working from home. This has caused teachers the need to quit, considering the fact that them being at school is literally putting their own lives in danger. Teachers are already underappreciated in many ways, and to top it all we are in a global pandemic and yet the school district still decides money over education.

    You cannot be a functioning school district if your idea of safety and prioritizing health is denying teachers with medical issues the right to work from home. Dallas county has 75K cases, and these numbers may continue to rise.I understand this may not be the best for them financially. My goal with this petition is for the school district to at least allow more teachers with health issues to teach at home, whether it be only ten or 100. Most of the teachers being denied that are having to quit are also old teachers, meaning experienced. Also the district denying several teachers work from home, forcing some to quit & choose between a life & death situation. I would like you all to keep in mind that face to face starts on Tuesday next week for GISD. Thank you and have a good day! Love you all! Contact me at: Insta- dianathebean Twitter- @DianaHd84437163 Email- or .I would like to include this article on teachers opinions on face to face: This Tweet brings up good questions about teachers returning to face to face as well: