Stop the cancellation of ASL classes at Ohlone College

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Ohlone is known for its ASL program and for having a large population of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Recently many of the ASL classes offered at Ohlone have been cancelled due to low enrollment. These classes are vital to this community and the cancellation of these classes shows a disregard for the Deaf community as well as the hearing students who wish to earn ally-ship. 

Ohlone College's mission statement states that the school “creates and offers as many options for learning as possible.” They are not currently living up to this statement. Classes must be more accessible. How can Ohlone offer a two year ASL and Deaf studies degree plan, but not offer the classes necessary to fulfill the requirements?

We are asking Ohlone to reduce the required amount of students per class. Also, night classes must be made a priority for those who work during the day. Please sign this petition to let Ohlone know that ASL and Deaf studies are vital to this community and requires more support!