Stop redundant and legalistic announcements on London buses

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The latest announcement on London's buses, 'please hold on, the bus is about to move', is redundant, ineffective, annoying and motivated more by a desire to cover against personal injury claims than improve public safety.

Redundant because to pause at a bus stop, take on or release passengers and then move off is the nature of buses. A bus that doesn't move after stopping isn't going to get very far.

Ineffective because having an announcement warning people to hold on isn't the same as giving them time to or checking that they have. In the cases where people are injured because they weren't holding on before the bus lurched off, was it because they didn't know to, or didn't have time to?

Annoying because the announcement plays every single time someone boards or alights (ie - all the time).

If TfL was actually interested in stopping fall injuries from happening, they could train the drivers to pay more attention to whether their passengers were ready for the bus to pull away, or give them a bell to ring before they accelerated, or tweak the vehicles so sudden acceleration from a standing stop was not possible (which would probably be quite expensive, I admit). But seeing as this is more about being able to say 'we warned them, so we're not liable for any injuries' a simple announcement is enough.

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