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Make changes to the way that our police force tackle motorcycle thefts

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Motorcycle theft has become pandemic in Staffordshire over the past few weeks, with up to 4 occuring in a single night in one area of Stoke on Trent.

Genuine, hard working people sometimes save for months or take out large financial commitments over years to pay for their motorcycle, either as a weekend toy or in the majority of cases, as their sole means of transport to get to and from work and to not only have this ripped from them, but to then not see any form of justice handed down is a slap in the face to these people. We also then have to replace the vehicle, and pay an increased premium for a further 5 years due to the claim that would have otherwise not been made (this will also be petitioned separately).

This is frankly unacceptable and while I appreciate that the police are doing all they can within their current powers, there is more that can be done to tackle this pest of society.

I appreciate that the police have experienced big cuts over the years but my suggestions would be as follows;

1. Increase night time/twilight patrols in hotspot areas

2. Set up "bait bikes" in hotspot areas to catch and record motorcycle thieves to gain a prosecution

3. Increase the sentences and punishments to prosecuted motorcycle thieves as a deterrent to other would-be thieves

4. Give officers the right to pursue reported stolen motorcycles, even when helmets are not being worn by the assailants (these people should lose all rights the moment they decide to steal somebody else's property).

5. Reduce or abolish the charge that the owner has to pay when their vehicle is recovered, this is another unnecessary cost which should not be incurred.

Thank you for taking the time to read my petition. I hope that all (or at least some) of the above points can be implemented to restore the faith shown in Staffordshire Police by the motorcycling community.


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