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This week, the final week of my sophomore year, my high school has cut the award-winning Latin language program that myself and many students like me have come to love in the last few years. My fellow students and I are at risk of being unable to complete our foreign language education at Gardner High School, something that jeopardizes our current high school and future college performances. It is absolutely heartbreaking to know that my classmates and I, as well as the teacher who has made us into the intelligent young adults that we are today, will not be able to continue with Latin at Gardner High due to our program being cut out of the budget after the 2015-2016 school year ends. Without awareness in our community of this injustice, help from anyone willing to lend a hand, and a new consideration of the budget from the school committee and the superintendent, this piece of our lives will be gone, maybe forever. This class has been a truly life-changing experience for anyone who has taken it and we have learned so much more than a language in our time as Latin students. We have been educated on topics including history, science, culture, psychology, geology, medicine, rhetoric, grammar, math, literature and so much more in the last years. Latin has prepared us to achieve high ranking success on both statewide standardized testing and special college-recognized exams on the topics covered in our Latin classes. We as human beings, not just as high school students, are better prepared for the "real world" and the future and life itself because of this language program. I absolutely devastated to know that other students will not be able to immerse themselves in this wonderful, eye-opening program in the future and that I will not be finishing my high school career with my full four years of Latin completed alongside my classmates and under the direction of a woman who has changed our lives for the better. Please help us raise awareness to save Gardner High School's Latin program. With hard work, we may be able to change our fate. After all, as my school's motto reminds us, labor omnia vincit (work conquers all). Thank you for your support of our class and our language.

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