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We should be able to buy and smoke on our own decision!!

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After really thinking of this new law that kids 18-20 are not allowed to buy tabaco products, vaping products, etc. I realized how much of an impact this causes and will cause. I over heard a man today talking about how when this new "law" comes into effect he will lose his job immediately being the manager of two stores here in Garden City, KS. I stopped and realized how many people will lose the only job they have enjoyed for years because they aren't 21. This isn't fair nor right! How can you tell someone who is 18-20 years old, who's able to get piercings, tattoos, join the army, vote, buy a car, live on their own, make their own appointments, droping out of certain things, and getting arrested that THEY CANNOT BUY WHAT'S BEEN LEGALLY RIGHT FOR THEM TO BUY. I for one vape, I have 0 nicotine in mine and it honestly helps me when I'm stressed. Do you realize people who have smoked cigarettes for years stopped on vaping? Now your gonna take it away and have them go back to potentially smoking cigarettes again illegally. I don't understand! I would LOVE to talk to whoever made this inconsiderate law.. as to the people who are losing there jobs, I am sorry and I hope you find another job as soon as possible so you don't have to worry about financial fees. And for those who are worried about all of this, HOLCOMB AND TRUCK STOP ARE OUTSIDE OF GARDEN CITY LIMITS and you can buy ( if they don't change that also ). I am sorry for those affected by this inconsiderate law and I hope all is best for you. As for me, my friends, and family, nothing will stop us. I'll buy my juice at the truck stop and I WILL continue to vape as for those who smoke. Yeah you guys meant right but you didn't do right. Peter Towns Penner and I have a petition going around to maybe put a STOP to this. We need over 1,000 people to sign ( other petitions are going around also and have about 400. ) Let's try and save people's jobs. If your gonna make it illegal for us to buy and smoke here, make it illegal for us to vote, join the army and whatever else there is that is bigger than smoking.
Smokers, Vapers, Employess, and Myself.

Please message me or stop by either of the two Cigarette Outlets here in G.C to sign the petition. ( C.O has there own ) Even if you don't smoke, help support our rights.


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