Getting GardaWorld taken out of the village shopping center on Topsail road stjohns NL

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As we all know the head of security in the village shopping center who goes by the name of (James) is an out of control power freak . 

GardaWorld security like to stretch there power and are banning people from the village shopping center and it's iappening to hundreds of people in the city of stjohns . I my self have whittnesses that I was doing nothing wrong just trying to walk into GoodLife fitness when the guard harrassed me  for no good reason and then called the royal newfoundland constabulary to try to remove me from the mall when I was video tapeing the full incident . 

 Garda world security are out of control and something needs to be done  so I created this petition to prove that they are a legitimate problem and it's not right for the people of this city .

I have watched a guard kick a guy out for talking to  someone and doing absolutely nothing wrong and there's plenty more. Please sign and share because they are out of control  GardaWorld had got to go and a new security needs to come in there because pretty soon there will be nobody going to this mall because of the way that James and the other guards treat the people here .  

 That being said guys let's get this around! Tell your story of the bad experience that you have had with them in this mall