Tell Legado To Fit In Or Go Home

Tell Legado To Fit In Or Go Home

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Tell Legado To:

Follow Our Rules For Development

Fit In With The Scale And Character Of Our Community

Don’t Pump Poison Through Our Town or GO HOME!

Legado Companies proposes to build a project that’s 48 ft. high (plus additional 10ft. architectural features), with 72 apartment units and 7,500 sq. ft. of retail at 138 Culver Blvd. in Playa del Rey, CA.

Playa del Rey is the last true small beach community left in Los Angeles. For over thirty years our community has followed a plan, The Lagoon Specific Plan, which has kept building heights in this area to a maximum of 37 ft. or 3 stories and used the required Coastal Act standards for parking which are designed to self park new developments and are about 40 % more than the requirement of the city parking standards and about 40% more than Legado is proposing.

While there may be some variations, the standards for our area which includes The Esplanade, The Jungle, Beachfront and Commercial districts were crafted to work together to maintain the unique character and scale of our community and to provide for reasonable, responsible development. When you look at Playa del Rey you know you are not in Marina del Rey, Venice or Manhattan Beach.

The City of Los Angeles Planning Department should reject this project and examine, among other things:

How it affects the land use rules in our area and the potential cumulative impact on our community if the rules are changed for this one developer.

 How the dewatering required for their subterranean parking could move the  gradient of the known PCE plume under the old Del Rey Cleaners  500 ft. in directions unknown spreading this Volatile Organic Compound thru downtown and towards the project site and potentially into the Ballona Wetlands.

The Water Board has recently received a grant to analyze the plume and is very concerned with the potential for vapor intrusion.

Legado’s  proposal has substantial visual impacts on our protected scenic and coastal views.  Our stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, the coastal bluffs and the Santa Monica mountains will be forever destroyed if this project is built.

Legado’s  request for an alley vacation (reversion to acreage) that is currently used by the residents and coastal visitors for parking. The applicant has no plan to replace those or any other parking spaces the community will lose as a result of the approval of their project.  Legado is also requesting to take 10’ of Culver Blvd.  and clogging up traffic by leaving one lane east on Culver Blvd. from Pacific to Vista Del Mar.

 If one building, like this building, is allowed to break the rules which have held our close community together for decades, we can without a doubt anticipate the “domino effect”. There will be an onslaught of developments riding on the back of the first project allowed to break the rules.

Our community should not be forced into ill-conceived and potentially harmful changes as one developer after another shows up and asks to break the rules, again and again.

 If the Coastal Act is allowed to be broken in Playa del Rey the Coastal Act can be broken in other coastal communities.

4,633 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!