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Gap: Include all "Shades" of love in your Love Comes in Every Shade commercial

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Because the world is a more beautiful and more vibrant place when we understand that love comes in all shapes and colors and sexes.

Because the more familiar we are with something, the more comfortable we feel about it. 

Because it's time to really embrace the 21st century and show that we live in a world where love inspires love inspires love.

Because there are children and teenagers and even grown ups out there today who are looking up at billboards and buses and commercials and are not seeing the kind of love they feel and know to be true reflected back at them; and whether it's intentional or not, the message often received from this fact is that "i don't count. I don't matter. The way i feel love is wrong. Therefore i am wrong."

Let's tell the world, one GAP ad at a time that: #Lovecomesineveryshade

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