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.@Gap Inc (US) - Stop Bullying A small Indian Company


I started Green the Gap 5 years ago to work in the areas of sustainability and fair trade. Part of our work involves providing secure employment with reasonable wages for disadvantaged people. But we are in danger of being shut down by international clothing manufacturer GAP Inc (US). All because we have the word “Gap” in our name.

On March 1st this year, 'Green the Gap' has been served a legal notice to STOP the 'unauthorized' use of the word 'GAP'.

Gap Inc. doesn’t even have a store in India. Media reports suggest that they may be opening stores in India soon. However, they want us to change the name of the company, while we have been our organisation in India for more than 4 years.

Gap Inc. is notoriously known to go way beyond the rational and legal interpretations of its trademark rights as its corporate strategy to limit and sabotage emerging small businesses in different parts of the world.  But we have decided to stand up against this trademark bullying.

Through this petition, we are asking Gap Inc. to drop the legal notice issued to us, asking us to change the name. This is unfair on the part of a big company. They are trying to bully us into changing the name of our company just because we are using the word ‘Gap’ in our name. Sign the petition and support us.

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    Glenn Murphy
  • CEO, Gap Inc.
    G Murphy
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    Edie Kissko

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