Gap & Asda: Stop Putting Garment Workers’ Lives at Risk

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Topshop bosses bow to public pressure on Bangladesh factory safety

The Arcadia Group – owner of brands including Topshop and Dorothy Perkins – has finally bowed to public pressure and committed to a binding agreement with trade unions to improve conditions in factories in Bangladesh. The company joined the Bangladesh Safety Accord, a life-saving agreement already signed by over 80 major brands and retailers to finance factory improvements and guarantee labour rights to factory workers. The Arcadia Group’s announcement comes after months of pressure from campaigners and the public after the company failed to meet a deadline in May to join the agreement. Over 7,000 of you signed our petition, activists staged a symbolic funeral for the victims of the Rana Plaza outside Topshop’s flagship store and the company was shamed in the press for its failure to act. Only after this huge wave of campaigning did Topshop’s bosses sign the Accord and finally live up to their duties to the people who make their clothes.

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8 years ago