Ban China from PUBG

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Chinas internet censorship has done more than just limit their citizens choices in websites. It has limited their ability to conduct themselves properly on the global network. For years Chinese hackers have plagued online communities. Chinese authorities do nothing to deter these attacks and these activities often have real life implications. China is a nation known for a multitude of human rights abuses, and these attitudes carry over to their internet usage.

Their population is immense, and culturally, they celebrate treachery. Numerous online games have been ruined as soon as the Chinese started playing. They enter every game with 'cao ni ma'. They are the majority on every server regardless of the fact they have their own servers. We recognize that economically, China is providing large profits to your company, but any short term gain will be negated by the fact that the games lifespan will be cut in half, due to people being forced to play with cheaters. I propose a nationwide PUBG ban.

Sure it sounds extreme, but extremity is what you are dealing with here. Chinese companies do not abide by copyright laws, and will copy this game anyway, let them. Let them make their own Chinese games, live in their own Chinese bubble, we do not want them in our games. We petition you to take the first, most difficult step, towards a better solution. With E-sports becoming as popular or even more popular than action sports, the stakes are higher than ever. If you want your game to be "esports ready" you need to rid yourselves of the plague of cheaters. If Chinese athletes were found cheating in the Olympics, i'm sure that the IOC would ban their participation, Bluehole needs to put their foot down, and say no to this behavior. Sure not all of them are cheating, but the resources you would have to spend to monitor this are beyond your scope. If they must live collectively as a communist nation, let them be exiled collectively, until the day that as a nation, they begin to combat the cultural problems they are displaying to us through this bad behavior.

There is no need to have less importance on behavior on the internet than in real life, this is evident in many western countries, creating laws that govern the conduct of its citizens on the internet. We cannot expect the Chinese government to do anything, they facilitate a lot of this activity, and have been caught out numerous times sponsoring state sponsored hackers, often targeting companies with much more to lose than Bluehole. Banning China from PUBG would be a message to the world, that we don't tolerate this crap.

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