A Solution for the Powell's NEW RV Purchase that has led to homelessness

A Solution for the Powell's NEW RV Purchase that has led to homelessness

June 3, 2020
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Started by Raquel Powell

Hi, my name is Raquel Powell and I am pleading you sign my petition to relieve my little family of 5 from homeless that has befallen us through no fault of our own.

In early March my family was thriving. As a result we invested in a purchase of a NEW RV, a 2020 MPG Ultra-Llite 2800 Bunk House, for our little family to use when we went on trips to visit family or on family vacations.  With all of our medical and dietary needs placing limits on us an RV would give us the freedom to travel a bit when needed.

Little did we know that the coronavirus was on the way and my husband would lose his job that we had just sold our home for and moved 5 hours north for 7 months prior.  This would happen only 2 weeks after our RV purchase! It was all a recipe for disaster. 

With my husband's position being cut we were left without an income and knew we couldn't afford to stay in the Atlanta area with the high cost of living and rent.

So, we decided to move into the RV we just purchased for a season and park on family land in another state until we could find work again and afford rent somewhere else. It seemed like an easy solution to cut our cost of living down to pennies and it would be temporary. 

Prior to leaving we had to have some repairs on our RV. There were some battery issues but nothing that raised a red flag. However, on day 5 of RV living our camper FLOODED in the middle of the night. FOUR buckets of water was what I got up when I finally gave up. The next day the nearest RV repair facility (Camping World Valdosta, which is apart of the same company as Gander RV Atlanta in Buford where we purchased) decided to pick it up in a few days. Though it flooded early that morning we could still sleep there. Literally, that next night we woke to the smoke alarm going off, no A/C or refrigerator, and all other electrical issues not functioning. Today marks 1 month later we are STILL waiting on parts for that flood repair. 

Furthermore, the electrical issues we had were found to be the CONVERTER BURNED OUT. Our camper was rendered UNLIVEABLE. As a result, we began a life of homelessness bouncing around from hotels and incurring hotel costs and later being able to now bunk on a family member's floor.

After getting the electrical replaced and being told to wait for the wood to replace the damage, they brought us the RV back to stay in as a temporary solution. A few days later when we got 'home' from grocery shopping we walked into a camper that smelled as if it had CAUGHT FIRE and NO ELECTRICITY. We had it rushed back to Camping World on that Saturday and when it was returned days later with it supposedly fixed, within an hour there was a smoke smell again. Of course, this was going into Memorial Day weekend. We FINALLY got a call from an individual from corporate with the company that makes our RV (Cruiser), which we tried to contact 3 weeks earlier with the initial issues! He told us there's no way we could have our RV replaced with a new one or have a refund. After talking with Managers from Camping World and Gander on that holiday weekend, the only solution was sending a mobile technician out to look at the problem (he didn't arrive until the middle of the next week). He did a great job and found this time our FRIDGE HAD BURNED ALONG WITH THE CONVERTER AGAIN! He repaired everything and that night we slept with happy hearts., That is, UNTIL 7AM, WHEN I WOKE TO AN EXPLOSION IN THE WALL BEHIND THE FRIDGE AND SMOKE FLOODING INTO OUR CAMPER FROM THE ELECTRICAL BURNING WITHIN THE WALLS!!! Yes, less than 24 hrs and it burned again!!

After many conversations with management at Gander and Camping World last weekend, their decision was to have it sent YET AGAIN to Camping World to "figure it out." We managed to get through the weekend and FINALLY had it picked up by Camping World Valdosta THIS TUESDAY (June 3rd) to repair for the 5th time (1 time at Gander in Buford, 3 times in Camping World Valdosta, and the one mobile technician repair) with no guarantee the situation will be resolved. Also, knowing it will still need to be sent back AGAIN when faulty outlets parts (which have been broken since we purchased) and replacement wood comes in. The timetable for this is unknown.

At this point, being tired of our homelessness after purchasing a BRAND NEW LEMON we petitioned Gander and Cruiser ( the manufacturer) for a new unit or a refund. After all, we have had this since March and only been able to live in a working camper for 5 days before issues began!!! FIVE DAYS!!! 

BOTH THE COMPANY WE PURCHASED FROM AND THE MANUFACTURER REFUSE TO GIVE US A NEW CAMPER OR A REFUND!!!  We are currently unemployed due to coronavirus, no income, and homeless...AGAIN!!!  We are paying for a lemon. 

So here we are HOMELESS,  once again sleeping on the floors of family members as a family of 5 because of the injustice of Gander RV and Cruise RV. Our babies don't deserve this. We need a home we can call our own. Something liveable. If they refund us we can rent a home or put down on a house.

We ask you to sign this petition on our behalf that we may bring it before the company in hopes that they will make things right and exemplify customer service.  

We are requesting that they give us a COMPLETELY NEW RV OR A REFUND! STAND ON OUR BEHALF!

Thank You deeply to our friend Erika Bowman for beginning a Go Fund Me on out behalf and for everyone who has given.


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Signatures: 3,402Next Goal: 5,000
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