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Bring back Gaming JNA to YouTube

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Gaming JNA is one of the world's biggest and best FIFA YouTubers. May 9th 2016 was when they uploaded "150K SUPER TEAM: FIFA 16 SQUAD BUILDER", which was to be their last video.

Gaming JNA has changed so many lives. I've heard so many stories from many people about how Gaming JNA has impacted their life.

"I was so depressed. I was addicted to drugs, and my family left me. I was about to end it all, but then my phone beeped. I looked at it and saw that Gaming JNA had uploaded a new squad builder. It was at this moment when I re-evaluated my life. If it wasn't for Gaming JNA, I wouldn't be here today." - Anonymous

"My FIFA account was bare. I had absolutely no money, and I was losing subs fast. However, one day, I came across Gaming JNA's free coins glitch video. I followed the tutorial and soon I had over 1 million FIFA coins. Now I have over 2 million subscribers on YouTube all thanks to Gaming JNA." - Matt Craig (MattHDGamer)

"I was so excited for Leading Liverpool, Gaming JNA's Liverpool themed FIFA Road to Glory. However, it was never made, and I have been really down every since. Please, come back and do Leading Liverpool!" - Steven Gerrard

As you can see, Gaming JNA has changed so many lives for the better. Sign the petition and hopefully, Gaming JNA will return to its former glory!

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