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Please stop supporting Autism Speaks, GameStop

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Dear GameStop,

I have been a customer of yours for many years. I love video games. As a chronically ill adult, they are sometimes my only entertainment. I go to your store for Pokemon promotions. I am a PowerUp Pro member. I love your exclusive Funko Pops.

However, your recent partnership with Autism Speaks breaks my heart. Did you know that Autism Speaks thinks that I, as an Autistic Adult, shouldn't exist? I'm sure you don't know the problems with Autism Speaks. 

Only 3.5% of the money they get goes to fund anything autism related. And of that, none of it reaches autistic adults. It funds abusive therapies. It doesn't really help families at all. 

Autism Speaks is trying to erase females. That's why they chose blue - so that they can light it up for BOYS. As you know, girls are avid gamers as well. And we are also Autistic. 

Do you know what the cure for autism is, GameStop? The cure is eugenics. The cure is making sure we don't exist. I think a lot of people see the word "cure" and get excited, but they don't realize what it means. 

I am telling you what it means.

I am telling you that by giving Autism Speaks money, you are justifying the murder of children.

I am telling you that by supporting Autism Speaks, you are standing with a hate group.

I am confident you can do better. Prove me right. Otherwise, all my business is going elsewhere. 

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