Demote Renchamp from moderator status

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Renchamp has been a figure long know for terrorizing the Comic Vine community. Instead of enforcing the rules, as a moderator should, Renchamp uses personal vendettas as the catalyst for his punishments. There is a plethora of examples of Renchamp abusing his power, and abilities on the Comic Vine users, bypassing the sites “three strikes” policy. These include:

  • Banning a gay user for saying “No Homo”
  • Banning a single offense user for a supposed piracy link
  • Calling a user pathetic and a troll because they did not agree with him
  • Banned him for posting about his suicidal thoughts
  • Banned a user for talking about his insecurities, and satirized them. In the Off-Topic forum specifically.
  • Indirectly called a user an idiot. 
  • Consistently calls users and what they do “pathetic”.

All of those offenses are able to be viewed outside on the forum or in large PM’s. This does not include the worst offenses within private PMs where he viciously bullies users. Since said users are banned by him, only screenshots are available, and can be provided upon request.

Ultimately, Renchamp  is a bully with power, he himself states that he only became a mod when his name was unknown. No one knew how horribly he would abuse his power, and that is currently seen. His liberal use of banning users will only lead to the downfall of Comic Vine, which is already experiencing diminishing popularity. Action is needed now.

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