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I remember the days of 2014, when two 30-40 something men, played Disneyland Advenutres on the Nintendo Wii. Needless to say, it was glorious! Wars stopped, crime plummeted, and diseases were cured as the whole world looked in awe at this fine YouTube Letsplay. I myself was going though a rough patch in life when this miracle appeared in the web. It helped me, and many others, get through life with our terrible first world problems. The many swappings of character gender and the sex fueled stitch were just a few of the highlightes. But eventually the videos stopped and the world returned to its cruel nature. Now it's 2016. Climate change is threatening to destroy the world, terrorists are ravaging the Middle East, and a billion dollar imbecile is about to be elected into office. It is in these dark times that we need Disneyland Adventures most. Not only to save the world, but to save ourselves. To right the wrongs of the past and to rebalance the world's order, we must call upon these two men once again. GameSocietyPimps, this is the time you're needed most.

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